Installation and repair of Lincoln St. Louis Lubrication Systems is an important aspect of our world wide field service.  

“ State of the art “, with all its connotations of electronic wizardry, does not mean leaning precariously towards mysteries uncharted and unknown, but rather, standing with confidence where the edge of an industry adjoins its future. 


The  specialists at Jarvis Industries represent 150 years of combined  individual accomplishments and experience at the forefront of the  Mechanical rubber Molding Industry. Conversant with innovative computer  control systems, and every type of equipment developed along the way,  Jim Jarvis and his associates can help you select the system best suited  to your application, with the highest return on your investment.   


~  Like a machine ~ used to mean consummate skill. To the Jarvis  employees, it still does! Excellence is the standard applied to every  job, in the belief that the success of Jarvis Industries is dependent on  the satisfaction of its customers.   


Total engineering support – Design and Re-manufacture, Implementation, Parts and Service will keep your rubber equipment performing at the cutting edge of a rapidly evolving and complex industry. 


The Jarvis 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility and 20,000 foot warehouse facility are equipped with overhead cranes capable of accommodating large size equipment. Complete in house machining capabilities are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.