Parts & Service


Whether it`s a simple delivery of parts, or a major, station to station, rebuilding project, Jarvis commitments are characterized by ready, efficient service, with minimal plant disruption. Field support and re-manufacture services extend to rubber molding presses is available world wide.

 To  date, Jarvis has completed projects in South America, Europe, the Far  East, India, and Mexico as well as United States and Canada.  


Jarvis  Industries Inc. is uniquely positioned all the engineering needs of the  rubber industry: Design and re-manufacture of McNeil mechanical rubber  goods presses, from the simplest to the most advanced computer  controlled systems. Purchase for re-manufacture and resale of outdated  McNeil mechanical rubber goods presses. 


Installation and service Lincoln St. Louis Centro-Matic Lubrication Systems, the industry standard for efficient lubrication. Comprehensive warehousing of machine parts, for expeditious delivery and repair. Engineering field service, world wide. A full one year warranty on parts and labor supplied by Jarvis, for every re-manufactured machine.

The value of a company is derived from its utility. If rubber equipment is part of your operations, Jarvis Industries Inc. can be of value and service, to your company.